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Learning - Our Curriculum

Preschool in Santa Clarita

To help you child learn to read we cover just a few letters each month and we learn what sounds they make. From there we learn to blend together sounds and slowly they learn how to form words and complete sentences. Our staff will work with them on their vowels as well as sight words through reading groups during class time. We also focus on developing their vocabulary through listening stories, speaking stories and poems. At the end we make things interactive by asking them what conclusions they drew from the story. They will also learn to distinguish fact from fantasy in literature and how to identify the sequence, detail and main idea of the story. 

During class time we will work individually with each child on their writing form and the proper tri-pod posture of how to hold a pencil. Over time they will learn to write their first and last name. We will also cover when it is appropriate to use capital letters and when to use lower case letters. From there we explain the left to right writing progression. Each day we will also focus on different spelling words and work towards using them in a sentence. Our staff will also cover the proper ending punctuation while writing. 

Each month we will focus on recognizing and counting a different set of numbers. Throughout the year we will work on addition and subtraction with the aids of worksheets, word problems, pictures, objects and board drawings. We also focus on a different shape each month and we will explore their differences and similarities. From there we work with them on recognizing shapes everywhere we go. We also work with the children as they learn about days, weeks and months in a year. Our staff will also cover directional words with your child, such as up, down, near, far, etc.

Colors, Fine Arts & Themes:
Throughout the year we take the time to focus on different colors and how they are different or alike. We also explain how colors mix to make new colors. These colors typically coincide with our themes each month like Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day and other national holidays. We also get our hands dirty sometimes with arts and crafts such as hand painting and other fun projects!

Over the course of the year your child will learn to recognize the different weather conditions and how they correlate with the four seasons. We will also teach them about the countless things people can do to help the environment. They will also learn about various animals throughout the year in our baby animal study. We also like to help the children focus on their 5 senses as they explore with bubbles and other fun experiments.

Social Studies:
During this time we help the children in recognizing objects around them and how they are alike or different. We will use words like bigger, smaller, heavier, lighter, etc. In social studies we also cover different topics such as choices, rules and community. We also cover parts of history by focusing on some of our Presidents, like Honest Abe.

Character Counts:
Aside from the basics, at Greenland’s Little Hands we also focus on learning important virtues. Over the year we will explain what it means to be a good citizen, being honest, having compassion, being thankful, sharing with others, being courteous, showing respect, being loving, being responsible and having courage. 

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