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Our Mission Statement

Greenland's Little Hands

Our goal here at Greenland’s Little Hands is not to just train our children to have academic excellence and moral integrity, but to also promote spiritual growth. We help the children to see who they are in this wonderful world that God created. That God created for them! From the family unit that he so carefully designed, to the beautiful nature that he so perfectly created that surrounds us, and much more, we are able to show our children God’s love for them. How he cares for them, takes care of their needs and watches over them. We show them that God has a special and wonderful plan for them. That is why Jesus is the center of our centers. His love that he so easily gave and his own life’s story are a great example and it is shared with the children. This helps our children to develop a personal relationship with Him, so they may find great peace and satisfaction in knowing Him and in glorifying Him!

Character definitely counts here at Greenland’s Little Hands. Our goal is to instill God’s love into each child. That by honoring Him and following His lead they will be people of integrity. Kind people who respect their peers and contribute their time and lives to making their homes, their schools, their community and the world a better place for all. We do this by focusing on individual character traits each month. We explain this good trait to them and we reinforce it through stones, songs, puppets, games and other activities.

Why We Are A Cut Above The Rest

► Over 30 Years of Child Care Experience

Proven Structure Building Stability & Self-Confidence

Hands On Learning Curriculum

► Guidelines to Insure a SAFE Environment

► Open Communication and Transparency with Parents

Quality Early Education and Childcare Programs

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