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Summer Camp at Greenland's Little Hands

Santa Clarita Daycare

Greenland’s Little Hands is unique above all other preschool daycares in that they have designed and put in place the Greenland’s Little Hands Summer Extravaganza Summer Camp. Our four week camp is all themed weeks and they go all day from 7-5:30 pm. The dates for our summer camp extravaganza for 2016 will soon be determined!

This special time of year here at the daycare helps the escape the regiment of the daily grind with some fun filled water play, crafts, games and face painting. The four main weekly themes for our summer camp include:

Week #1- Jungle Safari:

» Make your very own thumbprint giraffe
» Bug designing with sand  
» Create a thumbprint lion
» Make a monkey doorknob hanger
» Paint jungle journey sun catchers
» Make paper plate safari animals
» Create safari animal necklaces
» Bug catch relay
» Animal games
» Water play, slip and slide and air jumper  
» Animal balloons, animal safari bug hunt
» Jump rope and ball games
» Face painting
» Sandiego Kids Safari Computer Exploring
» Puzzles
» Story time

Week #2- Tropical Fun in the Sun:

» Hula and limbo to steel drums  
» Make a fund day at the beach sand art scene  
» Watercolor painting of tropical landscapes  
» Water play with our own dolphins and fish  
» Ring an alligator  
» Luau candy bingo  
» Create magic color scratch fish ornaments  
» Paint beach day sun catchers  
» Make your own “Surf’s Up” magnet  
» Beach ball volley  
» Slip and slide, sprinklers and air jumper  
» Make our own fruit kabobs  
» Make our own tropical fruit ices  
» Tropical animal balloons  
» Face paining  

Week #3- The Old West with Some Fiesta Flare:

» Horse piñata filled with treats
» Paint “wild west” sun catchers
» Make your own giddy-up western necklace
» Create a cactus “God Loves you Partner” Sign
» Paint fun fiesta sun catchers
» Macarena
» Form our own mariachi band
» Sombrero game
» Be a jumping bean
» Pin the tail on the inflatable donkey
» Face painting
» Taco bar
» Story time

Week #4- 60’s Blas from the Past Color Wars:

» Hot shirt art (You must bring your own plain white shirt for this craft)
» Spin art
» Make groovy “peace” photo magnets
» Have fun making a colorful turtle tissue paper craft
» Make your very own hanging rainbow
» Paint totally cool flower sun catchers
» Face painting
» Parachute tie-dye beach balls
» Silly string competition
» Limbo to the Beatles
» Hip flower power balloons
» Herbie
» Story time

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