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Our Client Testimonials

🌟  “She treated my children like they were her own”  🌟

Finding a daycare to trust and feel comfortable with leaving your children at can be a challenge. From the moment I walked into Greenland's Little Hands and spoke with Sandy, the owner, I knew my children would be in good hands. My son started with Sandy when he was two and a half and my daughter Rylee followed a little later when she was six weeks old and I had to go back to work. Sandy and her staff made the transition easy and I always knew that my children were well taken care of. She treated my children like they were her own and she and her family took us all and made us a part of their family. I feel this is truly a level of service and compassion that is very hard to find in a daycare provider. We recently moved out of the state however my children attended Greenland's Little Hands for a total of 3 1/2 years. Sandy prepared my son for kindergarten and he was one of the most advanced students in his class thanks to her. She also began working with my daughter, who at the age of three knows her entire alphabet, all of the sounds the letters make, can read simple words, spell her name and many other words. I cannot say enough great things about Sandy and the program she has. We were very lucky to have her!

☼ Andrea Folkes ☼

🌟  “I couldn't be more pleased. Sandy is such a blessing.”  🌟

My 4 year old son Trevor has been at Little Hands Preschool for just over 2 years now and I couldn't be more pleased.  Sandy is such a blessing.  Trevor has developed such a love and appreciation of learning and of the Lord.  Academically, I could send him to kindergarten now!  It's amazing.  He's learned so much and has had so much fun doing it.  He comes home from school and wants me to sit down so he can teach me what he's learned.  It has been a wonderful experience.   I also know that when I drop him off for school he will not only learn a lot and have a ton of fun, but that he is very loved by Miss Sandy, her family, and her staff.  My only regret is that my older son did not attend Little Hands Preschool too.

☼ Jacky B. ☼

🌟  “You definitely went above and beyond our expectations.”  🌟

Dear Sandy,
We miss you dearly, but are so thankful that we found you. It was very hard for me to let go of Taylor after having her with me at work every day for 2 years.  I remember talking to Michelle one day mentioning that I would need to find a daycare for Taylor and she mentioned Greenland’s Little Hands. For some reason that name rang a bell and I went upstairs in to a file I had and there was your pamphlet. We had received it on our door before Taylor was even born and for whatever reason, I kept it.  Rich and I came and met with you and knew from that minute that this is where we wanted Taylor to be. You welcomed us into your home and made us feel comfortable leaving our angel with you and most importantly that you would love and guide her as she grew.  You definitely went above and beyond our expectations.  She learned so much from you and your staff (and family) and we are forever grateful.
Love & miss you!

☼ Rich, Kim & Taylor ☼

🌟  “You have met and exceeded our expectations!”  🌟

I will always remember the day my husband and I discovered your daycare. I was six months pregnant and I began to wonder and pray that we would find a daycare that met our needs...someone who truly loved kids and God, somewhere close to home, and a place for learning life skills and early academics. It was that week we found your flyer on our door and after meeting you and seeing your program, we became your first clients. You graciously saved a spot for us before Mia was even born. I am eternally grateful for that because you have met and exceeded or expectations!!  Mia has learned so much from you...curiosity, courtesy, love of the Lord, respect of others, and most important, that veggies have to be eaten! I am constantly surprised by the things she says to me that she learned from you. She is so smart that I think she will be more than ready for kindergarten. Thankfully we have one more year with you because you will certainly be a hard act to follow.
Love Always and God Bless You,

☼ Michelle, Chris, and Mia ☼

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